Residential Mowers



Wider 13" x 6.5" front tires reduce compaction on your turf while providing a comfortable ride

Deluxe, thickly padded seat is mounted on a floating adjustable suspension system for ultimate comfort

The TITAN MX features oversized comfort grip controls that help reduce hand fatigue over longer periods of mowing

Belt covers can be removed without tools for easy cleaning of excess grass build-up



The commercial-grade ZT-3100 hydrostatic transmissions combine consistent performance with easy maintenance

Large, 22" diameter rear tires provide ample traction and a smooth ride on rough terrain without tearing up your lawn

The deep, fully welded steel deck has a bull-nose front bumper for maximum strength and protection

The heavy-duty 1.5" x 3" tubular frame has seamless sides and no welded joints for extra strength. It’s backed by a lifetime guarantee.

TimeCutter® MX


10-Gauge fabricated cutting deck with bull-nose bumper to handle tough conditions

Smart Speed® Control System gives you greater control of speed and maneuverability for cutting grass and pulling attachments

Heavy-duty transmissions for more power to cut through tough jobs

18" extra-tall seat, height-of-cut assist, anti-vibration floormat, and more come standard for your comfort

TimeCutter® SS


Smart Speed® Control System gives you greater control of speed and maneuverability for cutting grass and pulling attachments

Automatic Parking Brake automatically sets whenever the control arms are moved outward

Powerful Toro®, Kohler® and Kawasaki® engines give you optimal performance

3-Year Limited Warranty - No Hour Limitations

Scag Commercial Mowers

The Scag Freedom Z 52 and 61 inch


Are you tired of buying junk mowers that constantly need to be replaced or repaired? Would you rather spend your money on a quality, American made product that will perform and last like it should? If you answered yes to those questions, you have found the right mower brand, Scag. 

The Scag Freedom Z was introduced in 2007 and has proven itself as a reliable commercial grade mower that can be trusted to get the job done over and over again. Now, Scag has taken the 52" and 61" Freedom Z to the next level with larger tires, faster ground speeds and other productivity and comfort enhancing features. 

A new ultra-plush bolstered seat, large diameter steering handles, and rubber iso-mounted foot plate give the operator a comfortable ride. The Hydro-Gear ZT-3400 (61”) or ZT-3100 (52”) hydro transaxles deliver smooth drive power and have spin-on oil filters for easy maintenance. Two independent hydraulic transaxle units with charge pumps and all metal gears. A dual purpose foot pedal brake is standard equipment and makes parking easier than ever before.

The Freedom Z 52" and 61" will handle your toughest commercial jobs and large estate properties with ease and comfort. All of that and it leaves behind a beautiful quality of cut your competition and neighbors will be jealous of. We invite you to learn more about the outstanding features of the Freedom Z and how it can save you time while delivering professional results.  Contact your local Scag dealer to learn more.

The Scag Tiger Cat™


With roaring power and agile maneuverability, the compact Scag Tiger Cat ® is a force all its own. Where productivity is essential, the Tiger Cat delivers with ease, capable of handling more than 24 acres per day. 

Powerful engines and a tough dual pump and wheel motor drive system ensure dependable performance, year after year. Equipped with a Velocity Plus™ cutter deck, this mower will tame the tallest grass and leave it looking smooth and professionally manicured.

A full-body welded steel frame will not yield to tough terrain, while the low center-of-gravity keeps the Tiger Cat stable. The replaceable front caster extension protects the main frame against impact damage and features tapered roller bearings in the caster yoke pivots for long, dependable life. 

Comfort is maximized with either an adjustable suspension seat or a soft-ride seat. Adjustable steering levers, arm rests and a big foot platform reduce operator fatigue. 

The Scag Cheetah


The Scag Cheetah is the fastest and most comfortable cat in the Scag family. Clocking in at speeds up to 16 mph and featuring a coil-over shock suspension system, the Cheetah is truly a remarkable zero-turn mower. 

The Operator Suspension System isolates the operator platform via a coil-over shock and provides additional comfort via rubber iso-mounts. This innovative, adjustable system soaks up the bumps and keeps things simple with only three moving parts. 

The ZT-5400 transaxles have two-speeds, Low Range (up to 12MPH) and High Range (up to 16MPH). The large 15 gallon fuel capacity (dual tanks) keeps you in the field cutting grass. Fill up in the morning and cut all day long. 

From the heavy-duty, Tri-Plate Velocity Plus™ side discharge cutter decks and the 61" Velocity Plus™ Rear Discharge Decks, to the various high-power engine options, there's a Cheetah that will increase your productivity and leave your competition in the dust! 

The Scag Turf Tiger™



Since its original introduction in 1998, the Turf Tiger™ has been in a class by itself. There is no competition. Period.

The Scag Turf Tiger can cover major grass with ground speeds up to 12mph (10.5mph on some models) and large, low-mounted fuel tank. 

The simple, trouble-free shaft drive cutter deck means minimum maintenance requirements and a wide range of cutting heights. 

The double tube steel main frame gives the mower incredible strength and durability. Folding ROPS, replaceable front caster extensions, flat free caster tires with tapered roller bearings are just a few of the MANY features the Turf Tiger offers. 

From the heavy-duty, Tri-Plate Velocity Plus cutter deckes, to the various high-power, fuel efficient engine options like the fuel injected Kawasaki or Kohler EFI, disel, propane, or massive 35hp Big Block models, there's a Tiger that will increase your productivity and send your competition running for cover! 

Toro Commercial Mowers

GrandStand® Stand-On Mower


The Flex-Ride operator platformkeeps operators fresh, resulting in less fatigue and higher productivity

Toro's patented foldable operator platform instantly converts the stand-on to a walk-behind

Our TURBO FORCE deck powers through tough conditions, delivers outstanding quality of cut, and offers exceptional hillside stability

The speed and maneuverabilityof the GrandStand™, and the ease with which operators can get on and off the machine, help increase productivity

Professional 8000 Direct Collect Z


Trim on both sides with the rear discharge deck to keep flower beds and walkways clipping-free

Slice grass into fine particles with a higher blade tip speed and optimal mulching kits for a consistent, high-quality cut

Mow longer with the 7.5 gallon fuel tank and the high-capacity collection system for bagging and mulching for fewer stops.

Reduce down time with features that reduce maintenance including a heavy-duty sealed gearbox and a simple, reliable belt drive system

Professional 7000 Diesel



  • TURBO FORCE® cutting technology provides outstanding results at higher ground speeds
  • Improved fuel efficiency compared to gasoline-powered models
  • Cleaner combustion and extended engine life through liquid-cooled design
  • Biodiesel-ready, including upgraded fuel pump, fuel filter, and fuel lines

Professional 6000 EFI


TURBO FORCE cutting technology provides outstanding results at higher ground speeds

Closed-loop EFI provides improved fuel efficiency and low emissions

Engine automatically adapts to its environment, enhancing productivity

Exceeds CARB requirements, maximizing fuel efficiency

Professional 6000


Twin unitized pump and wheel motors provide a smooth, powerful response

Lower center of gravity enhances hillside traction and stabliity

Custom seat provides improved comfort and reduces fatigue

Instrument panel includes diagnostics for troubleshooting at a glance

Professional 5000 Propane


Single vapor-draw propane tank mounted behind the seat

The 12cc unitized pump and wheel motor uses proven commercial hydraulic components

Deluxe suspension seat

Up to 25% fuel economy vs. other similar sized carburetor engines

Professional 5000 EFI Rear Discharge Decks


Save time and cleanup with the rear discharge design that drops clippings within the path of the mower rather than discharging to the side

Gain fuel efficiency with Kohler® Command Pro® engines featuring electronic fuel injection (EFI)

Handle tough conditions with the 7-guage steel TURBO FORCE® rear discharge deck, robust cast iron spindle housings and large discharge tunnel

Expand your options with a baffle kit for enhanced after-cut appearance or side wear bar kit for closer trimming

Professional 5000 EFI



  • TURBO FORCE cutting technology provides outstanding results at higher ground speeds
  • Closed-loop EFI provides improved fuel efficiency and low emissions
  • Engine automatically adapts to its environment, enhancing productivity
  • The environmentally friendly design exceeds requirements for CARB Tier III and EPA Phase III, and keeps emissions as low as possible by continuing to run at optimal levels.

Professional 5000


The unitized pump and wheel motor uses proven commercial hydraulic components giving you a smoother, faster response while enjoying an even more reliable machine

Toro’s rugged spindle assemblies survive impacts that would destroy lesser spindles

The deluxe suspension seat features thick cushions, large bolsters and 3-D isolation mounts that absorb bumps and vibrations to reduce operator fatigue

TURBO FORCE 5.5” deep cutting decks are valued by landscape professionals world-wide for the outstanding quality of cut they leave behind

Commercial 3000


Gain durability from the 7-gauge, high strength steel TURBO FORCE® cutting deck and strong 3" x 1.5" tubular steel carrier frame

Thick cushions and padded armrests reduce operator fatigue, and the standard lift assist pedal allows for fast and easy deck height adjustments.

Enjoy added stability with a low center of gravity for greater handling on hills.

Instrument panel includes all diagnostics for troubleshooting at a glance

Commercial 2000


Durable 7/10-gauge high strength steel TURBO FORCE cutting deck and strong 8” aluminum spindle assemblies, to the rugged 3” x 1.5” x 10 gauge tubular frame and commercial-grade hydraulics, the Z Master 2000 Series mowers are built to work hard

Professional results from the TURBO FORCE® 5” deep cutting decks delivering an outstanding quality of cut

Low center of gravity, adding more stability for greater handling on hills

Powerful and reliable commercialgrade Kawasaki engines provide professional-quality and performance